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Emily Kendall



Upon completing her HSC Emily enrolled in a Diploma course for Horse Industry Management. She Studied 2 years full time finishing the course in 2003 with a number of credits and distinctions.

The course covered a wide variety of skills required for caring for and managing a successful equestrian operation, including anatomy and physiology, understanding the horse, specialised training principles and client interaction amongst others.

Once completing her Diploma, she continued her studies by working towards and achieving her NCAS Level 1 General Accreditation endorsed by the Equestrian Federation Of Australia.

How it Started

I was born in Brisbane, Queensland and grew up with a passion for horses. But it wasn’t until the age of nine, after much nagging that I started having regular riding lessons. I started in Cairns, Queensland with a lady named Sara Croaker and her beautiful big horse ‘Bungy’. It was Sara and Bungy who introduced me to the competition world.

In 1994 my family and I moved to Alice Springs. I reluctantly agreed on the promise of finally owning my own horse. My first horse was the gorgeous, ever reliable ‘Sheany Boy’. We started out at Pony Club competing in anything we could from barrel racing to dressage. Our biggest achievement was winning the State dressage championships when I was 13 years old.

It was here in Alice that I met one of the greatest influences in my life, Robert ‘Bobby’ Wilshire. He was a fantastic showjumping coach who freely gave up his time and family commitments to expand our knowledge and experiences. Rain, hail or shine, Bob would turn up, smile one his face, ready to go, never once losing his cool. He went to great lengths to find our group of rider’s sponsorship to compete extensively interstate. For all he has done for me and the sport I am forever grateful.

In Christmas of 1997 I very, very reluctantly said goodbye to the Alice and hello to NSW. In March of 1998 we were headed to my first NSW competition, which ended in my worst nightmare. Sheany went down in the float, taking us two hours to get him out, he ended up severing his tendons in his hind leg. After two months of operations and thousands of dollars trying to save him the heart-breaking decision was made to have my beautiful bear put to rest. I thank him for everything he did for me and not a day passes that I don’t think of him.

My number two horse then moved up the ranks to number one. Ren (Just Ace) was given to me by Bob Wilshire back in Alice. Renny was a very highly strung, leggy thoroughbred who amongst other things, taught me the skill of staying on no matter what direction you were heading in! Thanks to Ren and the guys up at Silver Hills Farm, I was bitten by the eventing bug and was hooked.

Sheany Park Performance Horse Centre is named in memory of my first horse ‘Sheany Boy’. Through his friendship, patience and versatility my love for horses evolved.

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